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What is our expertise?

Corporate law

Penrose assists with Dutch mergers, acquisitions, investments, reorganisations and joint ventures. We represent, amongst others, enterpreneurs, corporates, directors and shareholders.


Penrose resolves conflicts by negotiating, settling or litigation. Or sometimes a combination of the above. For an optimum outcome of a dispute, we advise on effective and efficient choices regarding strategy and Dutch legal actions.

IT law

Penrose assists IT entrepreneurs, suppliers and users of IT services. We draft Dutch legal documentation for scale-up and start-up companies about the various matters in the IT domain, such as SaaS agreements and license agreements.


Penrose advises and assists companies and institutions with regard to personal data matters and data protection. We draft all relevant privacy agreements and statements.


Penrose specialises in assisting and guiding healthcare providers with regard to healthcare procurement, reimbursement of medical care provided, and implementation of the Healthcare Governance Code.

Employment law

Penrose is specialised in the field of Dutch employment law and employee benefits. With a broadly-based labour law practice, we support employers, directors, works councils and employees.

Intellectual Property

Penrose is specialised in the field of protecting Dutch intellectual property (IP) rights and acting against IP infringement. We advise and litigate on behalf of Dutch and multinational corporate clients.

Real Estate

Penrose is specialised in the fields of Dutch tenant law, property sale and purchasing transactions, due diligence and real estate financing. We represent real estate investment companies, project developers and corporate tenants in the Netherlands.


Penrose drafts contracts. We catch complex matters in clear agreements by drawing on our advisory and litigation experience.


We have drawn inspiration from the Penrose figure. It stands for infinite possibilities whilst this Penrose tiling was created with only two fixed forms. We have expressed this visually in our corporate identity. The name Penrose reflects our personal and effective way of working as well as our continuous aim to find solutions. 

Meet the team

Frans Beishuizen foto
Attorney at law, Partner

Expertise: Corporate law, Contracts

Chantal Bakermans
Attorney at law

Expertise: IT law, Intellectual Property, Privacy

Hans Klaver foto
Attorney at law, Partner

Expertise: Corporate law, Litigation, Contracts, Finance, Real Estate

What can we do for you?

Penrose adviseert

Penrose advises.

In assessing opportunities and risks, Penrose advises its clients on how to achieve their commercial targets in a legally efficient manner. Penrose understands enterpreneurs so we ensure that our legal advice adds value to the business. We can execute mid-size company acquisitions very effectively. In larger M&A transactions, such as the purchase or sale of a company, our team of Dutch lawyers provide strategic advice and often perform an execution role as a project or transaction manager.

Penrose Procedeert afbeelding

Penrose litigates.

Penrose resolves conflicts by way of negotiation, settlement or litigation. Or by a combination of the above. Dutch procedural law makes provision for various means of conducting legal proceedings, such as summary proceedings, bankruptcy proceedings, an attachment order, inquiry proceedings with the Netherlands Enterprise Chamber at the Amsterdam Court, a claim with the Netherlands Commercial Court or Arbitration. To achieve the best results in a dispute, we advise on the most effective options in pursuing the best litigation strategy.

Penrose Contracteert Afbeelding

Penrose makes contracts.

Penrose drafts agreements. We resolve the complex issues in Dutch contracts that are clear and exact, always drawing on the vast experience gained by us in our advisory and litigation practice. Drawing up contracts is customised work: in consultation with the contracting parties, we carefully set out all the issues that have to be agreed upon. For example regarding financial arrangements, warranties, IP-rights and what happens between the parties in the event that something goes wrong. The latter is often unforeseen, but not by us.