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What is our expertise?

Penrose specialises in Dutch corporate Law. We advise and assist entrepreneurs, directors, and shareholders in the drafting of contracts, company takeovers, joint ventures and we give legal strategic input in connection with the decision-making process. We also act as Dutch attorneys in conflicts involving shareholders and boards of directors.

Penrose specialises in the field of Dutch information & digital technology law. We advise and assist IT/technology entrepreneurs, IT providers and tech investors with various topics such as the drafting and negotiating of IT and cloud contracts, privacy and information security, IP rights, blockchain agreements, licensing conditions, and investment agreements regarding start-ups and scale-ups. We also act as attorneys in IT related conflicts and legal procedures regarding software copyright infringement.

Penrose solves conflicts by negotiating and procuring a settlement or through litigation. Dutch civil procedure law offers a number of options to instigate legal proceedings, such as preliminary injunction, proceedings on the merits, bankruptcy proceedings, attachment measures, inquiry procedures at the Enterprise Court or proceedings at the Netherlands Commercial Court.

Penrose specialises in the field of Dutch intellectual property law. We advise on matters concerning the protection and enforcement of IP rights, such as copyrights, trademark rights and design rights. We also specialise in the drafting and negotiation of IP related contracts such as IP license, -transfer or distribution agreements. We also act as Dutch attorneys in IP related conflicts and legal procedures regarding IP infringement.

Penrose is specialised in the field of employment law in the Netherlands. Our broad employment law practice deals with employers, directors, works councils and employees faced by issues ranging from terms of employment, dismissal procedures and severance pay after a reorganisation, mergers and acquisitions and decision-making. We also advise on the establishment of, and relations with, works councils.

Penrose is specialised in advising on and the drafting of commercial contracts under Dutch law. We translate complex matters in clear contracts capitalising on both our high end knowledge and vast litigation experience in the Netherlands. Penrose is well versed in the drafting of Dutch law agreements in English. Visit our Templates page for a number of Dutch law contract templates. We also resolve disputes regarding Dutch contracts such as regarding non-performance, termination and liability for damages.

Penrose advises companies and institutions about Dutch privacy law and personal data protection matters. We draft relevant privacy related agreements and statements and we provide assistance with internal audits or privacy compliance procedures in the Netherlands. In the event of a data breach, we offer immediate assistance with regard to measures and potential liabilities claims.

Penrose specialises in Dutch tenancy law, real estate sale and purchasing transactions, due diligence and real estate financing. We represent and assist real estate investment companies, project developers and corporate tenants in negotiations about rental and real estate agreements as well as disputes in the Netherlands.