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Penrose, partner of Enactus Netherlands

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Penrose, partner of Enactus Netherlands

Amsterdam, 12 April 2017. Penrose will broaden its support of Enactus by entering into a partnership with the national organization, Enactus Netherlands. Part of that partnership includes legal support from Penrose for Enactus Netherlands. This is in addition to Penrose´s support of Enactus UvA of the University of Amsterdam.

Enactus Netherlands coordinates and supports a program for students of Dutch colleges and universities. This program consists of establishing local social enterprises that aim at improving the quality of life and the standard of living of people in need.

Penrose supports the objectives of Enactus of sustainable and social entrepreneurship. Penrose feels connected with the enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit and professionalism in which Enactus, both nationally as internationally, promotes and realizes its vision.

Penrose is proud of this further cooperation and thanks Enactus Netherlands for the mutual commitment. For more information about Enactus, please see: |