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Merger Broersma and KS Commercial Real Estate Agents

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Merger Broersma and KS Commercial Real Estate Agents

In April 2022, the Amsterdam real estate agencies KS Bedrijfsmakelaars and Broersma Bedrijfsmakelaardij have merged to form the new ‘Broersma Werken en Wonen (Working and Living)’. Also the residential real estate agency Broersma Woningmakelaardij has also joined. The combination of these companies will focus on connecting people, space and the environment as effectively as possible.

KS Bedrijfsmakelaars focuses on a niche by mainly linking creative companies to the truly remarkable buildings of Amsterdam. Broersma Bedrijfsmakelaars focuses more broadly on the commercial real estate market. Broersma Wonen has long been a household name in the housing market in and around Amsterdam, with a great deal of expertise in newly build construction projects.

The merger responds to the market trend where living and working are increasingly coming together: one wants to feel at home in the workplace and it must be possible to work comfortably at home. The new collaboration represents a synergy of the strong networks of Broersma and KS Bedrijfsmakelaars: ‘Broersma Werken en Wonen’ is a fact.

Hans Klaver of the law firm Penrose in Amsterdam has provided legal advice to Broersma Bedrijfsmakelaardij about this merger.