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Bi4 Group (“Bi4”) is an IT-provider specialised in the development of data-driven solutions and innovations and leading in the field of data architecture. Bi4: “The way of conducting business has changed and companies need to embrace data-driven strategies. Being agile and cost-efficient is essential for business survival.” Bi4 aims to support innovative companies and make advanced (big) analytics and machine learning accessible for every company. In this regard, Bi4’s focus is on 3 objectives:

1) reduce business risk,
2) increase focus, and
3) optimise costs and performance.

Bi4 has extensive experience in cloud technologies and software development and recently launched Nucleoo. Nucleoo consists of a core middleware solution that connects to the data, organises it and optimises query processing depending on the client’s requirements and wishes.

Nucleoo is a combination of software components, extensive cloud expertise, a methodology, an assembly line, and a team of highly skilled engineers. This creates a suite of data-driven solutions and services that unlocks large amounts of data, all tailored to the specific needs of clients.

Penrose provides legal support to Bi4 in the Netherlands in order to achieve its goals.