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Partner programme

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Penrose is expanding – want to become a partner?

Penrose is a law firm in Amsterdam, which was founded in 2010. Penrose has switched from the more traditional limited company model to a cooperative, as we firmly believed this was the way ahead; it’s a structure that allows room for further growth with independent and committed lawyers.

Independent professionals
A lawyer who has learnt to think independently is a more rounded lawyer. A lawyer who has also learnt to have an entrepreneurial mindset has a better understanding of the client entrepreneur, and is therefore an even more versed lawyer. Lawyers within a cooperative are professionals who stand out with their knowledge of entrepreneurship. A substantial difference.

Flexibility and diversity
Everyone has their own personal and professional wishes and expectations. The legal profession provides the possibility to organise your practice in a way that your wishes and expectations can be met. This requires a flexible organisation and that is exactly what a cooperative can offer. We consider the cooperative as an extremely suitable structure for connecting young and established partners and for combining starting and advanced practices, where hourly standards are not necessary and relationships remain on equal footing.

The cooperative office structure encourages great mutual commitment on the part of all our lawyers. All lawyers are involved as a team in the achievement of the organisation’s long-term goals, such as optimisation of services, collection of knowledge and office accommodation. At a time when digital communication and working from home seem to be a trend that may cause a distance, this mutual involvement solidifies the foundation for a strong office culture.

Partner programme
Our office structure allows us room to grow with enterprising professionals. Lawyers who want to be involved and committed, without compromising their independence and flexibility. Professionals who have the inner drive to always do a good job, even when there is no employer to judge you. Does this appeal to you, or would you like to learn more, then we would like to get in touch with you! Mail or call Lukas Witsenburg or Hans Klaver for an appointment.