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About Penrose

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Finding the answer before the question is asked.

Penrose is a law firm in Amsterdam, specialising in strategic legal advice, litigation and contracts. Our main drivers are sustainability and innovation. Not just focused on the situation at hand, but on the wider prospects as well.

We act upon possibilities while we are not confined by limitations. Our inquisitive minds inspire us to constantly innovate. This is how we find solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges and requirements. Our aim is to find the answer to the question before it is asked. Thus, exceeding our clients’ expectations.

This mindset is the reason why we have decided to part with the traditional limited company structure and to organise Penrose in a cooperative. The transformation from a private limited company to a cooperative seems mainly an administrative change to the outside world, but to us it was quite a big deal. The cooperative was a conscious choice for a structure that is highly suitable to uniting all lawyers in all their diversity within a close-knit firm. In this way, we create long-lasting opportunities for current and new generations.

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We have clearly been inspired by the mathematician Sir Roger Penrose. With his famous Penrose tiling, he created a smart system consisting of only two fixed shapes with infinite possibilities. This is visually expressed in our company identity. The name Penrose reflects our personal and effective working methods and the continuous exploration of possibilities in finding solutions.

Collaborations of Penrose

Penrose is internationally oriented, socially committed and invests in the future. This is reflected in a number of international and local partnerships we have entered into.

World Law Alliance

Penrose is a member of the World Law Alliance (WLA). This means that we are part of a global organisation that offers legal expertise to serve companies, investors and entrepreneurs all around the world. Through WLA, key law firms from over 80 countries combine their legal experience to assist international clients with the challenges of cross border transactions, trade and disputes.

“WLA is the modern world integrated legal practice of innovative, forward-thinking versatile regional firms and lawyers with a strong history of success.”

IN Amsterdam

Since July 2019, Amsterdam based commercial law firm Penrose is an official partner of IN Amsterdam. IN Amsterdam is a service of the municipality of Amsterdam that assists international companies and their expat employees with establishing in and around Amsterdam. For this IN Amsterdam offers integrated services in a professional and customer friendly fashion. We are proud that Penrose -as both an Amsterdam and international law firm- has teamed up with IN Amsterdam.


Penrose supports Enactus, a global student organisation for social enterprises. As a partner of Enactus Netherlands and Enactus UvA, we assist students in their development into socially responsible entrepreneurs. We provide these great young entrepreneurs with strategic and legal assistance when they are setting up their social enterprises and projects.