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Finding the answer to the question you would have liked to ask us

Penrose is a corporate law firm in the Netherlands that specialises in Dutch strategic legal advice, litigation and commercial contracts. Our main driver is curiosity. Not only looking at what is, but at what could be.

Ten years after establishing BWK Partners Attorneys we have adopted a new name: Penrose.

The name Penrose reflects what we have built together with our clients and colleagues: a corporate law firm with a strong basis and great clients. We have drawn inspiration from mathematician Sir Roger Penrose. With only two fixed forms, he has created infinite possibilities in the famous Penrose tiling. We have expressed this visually in our corporate identity. The name Penrose is a good match for our personal and effective way of working. We embrace technology and innovation to make our advice, contracts and litigation ever smarter and more effective.

The name Penrose emphasises our curiosity. By being curious we sharpen our focus on reality and take our clients further than before they met us. Our aim is to find answers to questions that you have not even asked of us yet. In short: we seek to constantly exceed expectations.


Penrose is internationally oriented, socially committed and invests in the future. This is reflected in a number of international and local partnerships we have entered into.


Penrose supports Enactus, a global student organisation for social enterprises. As a partner of Enactus Netherlands and Enactus UvA, we assist students in their development into socially responsible entrepreneurs. We provide these great young entrepreneurs with strategic and legal assistance when they are setting up their social enterprises and projects.

IN Amsterdam

Since July 2019, Amsterdam based commercial law firm Penrose is an official partner of IN Amsterdam. IN Amsterdam is a service of the municipality of Amsterdam that assists international companies and their expat employees with establishing in and around Amsterdam. For this IN Amsterdam offers integrated services in a professional and customer friendly fashion. We are proud that Penrose -as both an Amsterdam and international law firm- has teamed up with IN Amsterdam.

Art as inspiration

Penrose gives promising and established artists a podium by organising alternating exhibitions in the office. A new, eye-catching concept is periodically put together in collaboration with the curators Marieke Sikkens and Marloes Vereecken of Bureau Twee. Each exhibition is opened to the public at least once. The theme of the current exhibition is “Out of the Box” where we have invited all the artists of the previous exhibition “The Colour of Black and White” to select a favourite artist of theirs to exhibit.